About Saul

I work a lot with PHP and frameworks like Symfony and Codeigniter, i also code in javascript and use nodejs. I work well in teams, specially when agile tools like Scrum and kanban are used. Currently in my workplace i have set up a small server with Gitlab for version control, Mattermost for team communication and Gitlab notifications, and also TAIGA for agile project management. I do a lot of remote and freelance jobs, and i am always looking for more projects to work on.

Some links to the technologies i have just mentioned:


Here i show some of the most recent projects i have worked on with a lot of passion and impostor syndrome at my tail, but always managed to get ahead developing more confidence and skills.

Lmi Builders

New website for LMI Builders a Triad-based general contractor based in North Carolina. This development was done in partner with WeareInspired Inspired Marketing Solutions, a company i been working remotely.

LMI Builders site can be found here:

LMI Builders

Nutrient Calculator

This Calculator was made for Bloom Yellow Bottles it allows customers of Bloom Yellow Bottles products to determined application and dosage to suit the growing style and are able to export to PDF file.

The Nutrient calculator can be found in this two sites:

Bloom Yellow Bottles

Plaza Motos Budget Calculator

This Budget Calculator was made for Plaza Motos an Motorcycle Retail Store in Argentina.

Plaza Motos site can be found here, althought you won't find the Calculator there because is of internal use:

LMI Builders

Multilingual Recipe App

This App was made for Zoltán Kovács from Australia, he wanted to have his Recipe App migrated from Access to a Web App.

LMI Builders