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Saul Miquilena

Lotteryheat is a Visual map of which lottery numbers are hot

Lotteryheat Dashboard

Lotteryheat is a visual heatmap tool that helps you identify hot and cold lotto number picks based on historical lotto data using our unique algorithm. This way you’ll have the ability to vastly increase your chances of winning the lottery based on previous winning number picks – and be able to play with greater confidence!

Lotteryheat Dashboard

Here is a look at the Lotteryheat Dashboard

Great new project to work on. It is my first MVP (Minimum Viable Project).

I expect this site to keep growing in functionalies to offer and it attracts a good number of users.

It’s free to check out and see how it works. Create an account to see the map’s full features. See what’s hot and not for powerball and mega millions.

LotteryHeat can be found here: lotteryheat.com